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Coloured water and stains?

Often coloured water or brownish rust stains are caused by metals that fall out of suspension and plate-out onto the surfaces of your hot tub.

In this area of Alberta, often our source water is to blame. We see high iron and calcium levels in most source water here. Sometimes, rural water sources are the worst contributor of metals and metal stains.

Ideal water "balance" levels in hot tub water play a big part in how your source water reacts with your spa surfaces. Low pH and total Alkalinity levels in your water can cause any existing metals or calcium scale in your water to fall out of suspension and stain the interior surfaces of your hot tub.

Even the material that your heater element is made from (often copper) can be stripped away and deposited onto interior surfaces in an "unbalanced" hot tub. This metal will leave behind stains that do not move and can't be easily scrubbed away.

If water balance levels are in the ideal ranges, these deposits will stay suspended in your water and you will avoid stains and scaling.

Adding a stain and scale control product to your spa water once weekly will eliminate scale and stains that are already present, as well as keep new water problems from occurring in the first place.

Chlorine or Bromine?

Yes, you can change a hot tub from Chlorine to Bromine, or from Bromine to Chlorine if you follow a few safety rules.

* First, drain and clean your hot tub surfaces.

*Refill with fresh water.

*Now you can change your current sanitizer system, BUT NEVER place Chlorine tablets into a floating feeder that has held Bromine tablets at any time in the past.

The same goes for floaters that have held Bromine tablets, DO NOT add Chlorine tablets once there have been Bromine tablets present inside the floating feeder.

ALWAYS purchase a separate floating feeder if you plan to change your sanitizer in order to avoid potential chemical reactions.

Often your Shock Product or Oxydizer can be used with either Chlorine or Bromine hot tubs, but not always. If you are unsure whether your oxydizer can still be used with your new chemical system, contact us today.

Eye / Skin Irritations?

Eyes and skin can become irritated after spending time in a hot tub for several reasons. Out-of-Balance Water, eg. Total Alkalinity or pH levels can cause these issues. If your spa or hot tub has a build-up of contaminants you will notice the water may not be as clear as it should be. At these times you may even have a strong chemical odour around your hot tub or excess foaming present. 

Always test your hot tub water before performing adjustments to water balance. Proper water balance eliminates dry skin and burning eyes, making your water more comfortable to soak in.

Using an oxydizer compatible with hot tub water will clear, freshen and remove organic waste that cannot be filtered out during regular water circulation. It's these excess organic wastes in your water that cause most problems for hot tub users. 

Spa Maintenance Keys:

Often, hot tub and spa owners add chemicals and specialty products to their spa water without really understanding why, or what benefit the product offers them. This "hit and miss" approach works for a short time, but improper water maintenance issues will show up soon after you fill your new spa.  For some owners, it can be a bit of a mystery figuring out how to fix it, and why it happened in the first place.

Unfortunately these water care issues often discourage spa owners from using and enjoying their spa like they should. There are simple, easy to follow chemical care systems that keep these problems from showing up in your hot tub in the first place.

Spa Care Solutions will simplify water care so your spa is always ready when you are.

The Following Tips and Hints Can Improve your spa experience by making the water soft, fresh and comfortable to soak in, like it should be.


One of the keys to proper spa maintenance is good circulation of your water. The movement of water from your jets will keep any suspended particles from settling on the floor area and allow your filter to catch and remove them as required.

Good circulation is key to evenly distribute the chemicals you add and to eliminate dead spots where spa water issues can start.

Keep Your Filters Clean:

Good filtration of spa water makes a huge difference to the way your water looks, and smells. Dirty filters will not allow water to pass through as easily and cannot effectively clean the water in your spa. 

Things like dirt, sweat and body oils,calcium and scale deposits are constantly being removed by your spas' filter as the water circulates through them.   This build-up of waste will cause your cartridge fibers to become quite heavy and fully saturated which will then effect their natural ability to clean your hot tub water.

Remember, once the fiber paper of your cartridge is full, it cannot filter anything more and is essentially just recirculating the waste you have previously filtered out of your spa.  Dirty filters will slow down circulation since the water can't be forced through as quickly as it should. This can create a host of water related problems.

Dirty filters will use up your sanitizer quickly, can effect the heating ability of your spa, cause cloudy water and foaming, plus leave an unpleasant scent  in your tub. 

All of these issues are avoidable and can easily be resolved with proper maintenance habits and a better understanding of your spa and what it needs to stay healthy.


Clean Your Hot Tub Surfaces:

Cleaning your spa surfaces, waterline and hard cover on a regular basis makes a huge difference to the way your spa water looks, feels and smells.

Because the volume of water in your hot tub is much smaller, and  much warmer (often around 100 degrees F) than your swimming pool, the potential for water related problems is much higher and happen much faster in your spa.

While chemical maintenance is similar, hot tub and spa chemical care is very different from swimming pool care.

As bathers soak in warm water, their dead skin cells slough off. Moisturizers, hair care products, body oils, sweat and more are released into your spa water every time you use it. This causes a lot of waste to build up in your hot tub very quickly. If allowed to remain in your water, these extra wastes show up as water issues like cloudy water, excessive foaming, skin irritation and strong chemical odours in your hot tub.

These nasty water issues are almost always caused by misinformation about what it takes to maintain fresh, clear and safe hot tub water. Often, very small changes to your chemical maintenance habits will reduce and even eliminate these wastes before they get a chance to build up in the first place.

Proper chemical maintenance and a bit of know-how will keep your spa clear, comfortable and inviting to bathers, like it should be!


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