Spa Care Solutions Newsletter                                 April 2017

Spa Care Solutions Newsletter April 2017

 Spa Care Solutions Newsletter                                 April / May 2017


Welcome To Hot Tub Care Made Easy! 

We are your online e-commerce shopping site for

Spa and Hot Tub chemicals, accessories and supplies

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your online purchases will be shipped directly to your door.


We also offer water maintenance services, cartridge cleaning and chemical maintenance instruction at your home.

We make spa water care easy, fast and effective.

 With 30 years experience in the pool and spa industry, owner Janice Golden continuously upgraded business training and customer service skills. Janice comes with hot tub retail store management as well as experience working on the distribution side of the hot tub industry. Her industry knowledge includes safe chemical handling and storage training, WHMIS certification and BioGuard H2Know Water Management Certification.

Often, when homeowners first purchase their spa they do not know how to manage water treatments and discount the importance of proper chemical care.

Spa Care Solutions is launching their NEW E-Commerce Shopping Website to allow spa owners to shop for products and accessory items at their convenience,  24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Spa Care Solutions offers on-site maintenance services for those of you who have limited time but want your hot tub to look great. If you are more “hands on”, we offer instructional visits designed to make caring for your spa easy to follow, fast and effective.

 We understand the importance of our customers and value their business.  As a large segment of our population approaches retirement age, they recognize the benefits of soaking in warm, swirling water and the importance of overall good health and well-being. 

 The Arthritis Society has shown that regular use of a spa or hot tub relieves arthritic joint pain. Hot water therapy is often used by athletes after a strenuous work-out in order to ease any muscle pains and strains.        

Let Spa Care Solutions look after your spa water while you

just lean back, relax, unwind and enjoy!


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